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Project Nexus,
9/99, de Saisset Museum,
Santa Clara, CA, 26" x 36", 
Metal, wood, leaves, acrylic paint, epoxy clay, redwood bark, lighting, sound track

Project Nexus
Holistic or systems thinking is what many contemporary theorists suggest  we must adopt to make our sciences and social organization operate in a more environmentally sound manner. Kennedy's research for this project led her to a scientific illustration by Professor W. D. Billings, a pioneering botanical researcher.  His model, Athe yarnball theory of environmental complexity, was one of the first to apply holistic thinking to analyzing a living botanical environment. For Kennedy this model is not only a graceful representation of the web of life, it also  helps us fully imagine some important truths about the living environment:  We can see how humans are linked as equal partners in the web of life, and  the high degree of complexity, interdependence, and cooperation at work in natural systems. Project Nexus featured a five-foot wooden ring inspired by Dr. Billing's scientific illustration . The Ring of Life was at once an interactive teaching tool, a musical instrument and a sculpture.   Read more...









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