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Nature Speaks
9/99, De Saisset Museum,
Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California

Nature Speaks

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Nature Speaks was Kennedy's solo museum exhibition at the De Saisset Museum at Santa Clara University in California. The show featured three of Kennedy's installations, Project Nexus, Earthwis'e and The Death of Birth. The installations focused on the relationship between people and the larger natural world. Kennedy said of the exhibition, "This work is about imagining a more thoughtful relationship between people and nature. Today, we often feel above and apart from nature, but, of course, we are knit more tightly into the fabric of nature than we can imagine. Whatever we do to the environment, we do to ourselves. I think that if we deeply understand this, caring for the environment will not be a chore-- it will flow naturally from our experience, like caring for our own bodies."

The exhibition also included a collaborative work developed with Santa Clara students in her Environmental Art: Theory and Practice class. This installation entitled, Close the Loop, used recycled paper to envision the virtual river of paper running through the campus and encouraged recycling efforts at the university.




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