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Killing Comfort,
10/98, Triton Museum of Art,
Santa Clara, CA,
20' x 10' Mixed media, photos of guns, bed, sheets. bullets, light, sound

Project Nexus
This installation is a response to the following question: How have guns and violence become so embedded in the fabric of American life? Killing Comfort features a large quilt of black and white photographs of handguns from our local community confiscated by the Santa Clara Police Department. The handguns are photographed on calico backgrounds, printed on transparent plastic material and pieced together in a traditional quilt pattern. Quilts, a uniquely American art form, evoke the realm of family life filled with caring, comfort, and protection. Guns, despite their potential for destruction, are also seen by many as a source of protection and safety. This quilt of guns explores the uneasy and paradoxical relationship between violence and security in American life. Sound performance: Gunshot sounds randomly occurring at the rate of gun fatalities in the United States.



















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