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An artist and writer, Deborah Kennedy’s work has been presented in the United States and Europe. Her exhibitions include numerous solo and group shows featuring objects, conceptually-based installations, and public art focusing on ecological and social themes. She is noted for creating four large-scale installations on the Berlin Wall six months before it was torn down. This work was an inspiration to thousands who witnessed art in the service of social change and has been featured in books and newspapers in the United States and Europe. Her work has been widely reviewed and she has received numerous grants and awards from art councils and museums in California. Recently, Kennedy received awards from the Bay Area Poets Coalition for her poetry. Her recently published book, Nature Speaks: Art and Poetry for the Earth, brings to life the profound bond between ourselves and the larger natural world. Kennedy lives in San Jose, CA, teaches college classes in art and art history and presents at ecology conferences. She often hikes in an urban riparian corridor where she spots osprey, hawks and herons. In the evening she watches for moon bows, earthshine and other modern miracles.

Artist Statement

Deborah Kennedy's artwork consists of conceptually-based installations and objects in galleries, museums and public spaces. Her work begin with questions, such as: What new ways of thinking can help us solve our environmental problems? Can we reform our technological systems so they operate in a bio-compatible manner? How is exposure to toxic chemicals affecting the health of human and animal populations? Questions, such as these, focusing on social and environmental dilemmas are the starting point of her work.

These questions propel her investigations. Today, the majority of her research is web-based, where she tracks rapidly advancing scientific research on endocrine disruptors, the amphibian decline and other areas of concern. This research informs her choice of images, materials, and methods. Therefore, her creative process and artwork are characterized by an on-going state of inquiry, extensive research, and a balance between concept and form.

Kennedy says, "I want to work at the growing edge, where we as a global community are struggling to create new visions that will help solve our environmental problems. My hope is that these new perceptions will help us change how we think about ourselves and our role in the world. Then, perhaps, we can begin to change our behaviors as individuals and larger communities."

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