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Nature Speaks

Nature Speaks                                Press Release





Art and Poetry for the Earth
By Deborah Kennedy
ISBN: 978-1-940468-46-4
Publication Date: September 2016
Pages: 112
Price: $19.99
Publisher: White Cloud Press
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In Nature Speaks: Art and Poetry for the Earth, Deborah Kennedy combines thoughtful poetry and intriguing artworks to capture the profound bond between ourselves and the larger natural world. Her eco poetry reflects a deep respect and affection for scientific knowledge; her stories introduce us to the cycles of watersheds, theories of environmental complexity and Darwin's prescient discovery of co-evolutionary relationships. Her writing often suggests the sweep of history and the enduring relationship between humans and the land.

At times, her poems seem to peer into the distant past and then into the looming future, all while standing firmly on a single patch of land. Each poem in Nature Speaks is paired with an alluring earth-toned ink drawing and a short essay, offering three lenses to view nature and our ecological challenges. Some of the illustrations feature surreal visions; others meticulously detailed renderings of the transformations of butterflies, the delicacy of violets and power of tornados. Kennedy's unique melding of art and text brings us to a deeper understanding of our complex relationship with the larger natural world.

Nature Speaks offers a timely message that informs, cautions and inspires us as we face today's critical environmental challenges. Kennedy invites us to commit to creating a healthy, sustainable and thriving world. The last section of this book points to paths forward that can heal our relationship with the larger natural world and begin the long process of restoration.

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